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Use of English II

This is an integrated reading and writing course that is designed to equip students with skills in reading and writing in academic contexts, literacy and research. The course covers topics such  as reading for academic purposes, reading for study purposes, comprehending long passages and writing for academic purposes. The course culminates in writing a term paper using the skills acquired on the course. Students will be given term paper topics on science/environmental issues. At the end of the course students are expected to be able to read critically in academic contexts, work collaboratively in groups to develop, refine and negotiate ideas, develop team work skills and use basic research and internet skills to write in academic contexts.

Department website: http://gns.futa.edu.ng

Use of English I

GNS 101 is English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course; its purpose is to equip students with skills needed to learn and communicate in English as a Second Language, as a means of helping them study effectively in a university. The course content covers topics such as: Time Management, Study Skills, Scientific Word Formation and Parts of Speech, Listening and Lecture Comprehension, and Note-taking/Note-making.

Department website: http://gns.futa.edu.ng

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