GNS106: Logic and Philosophy (2018)

This course is an introduction to philosophical and logical reasoning designed for students in different fields in the university. It is directed towards learning the interrelationships between philosophy as a field of rational inquiry and science, technology, culture. This is with the mind to explore the hindrances to technological growth and the rational cum-cultural implications of human received ideas on technology and science in our world. As a theoretical course, it focuses on helping students to develop the critical mind, to interpret, re-interpret and apply received knowledge in ways beneficial for scientific and technological development. It intends to assist them to gain a wide understanding of theoretical knowledge required for academic pursuits and to imbibe logical methods of solving basic problems in their respective fields. Areas to be covered include the meaning and nature of philosophy, branches of philosophy, methods of rational inquiry, approaches to philosophical problems, nature of logic, philosophy of culture, philosophy of science and philosophy of technology.

GNS102 (2018): Use of English II

This is an integrated reading and writing course that is designed to equip students with skills in reading and writing in academic contexts, literacy and research. The course covers topics such  as reading for academic purposes, reading for study purposes, comprehending long passages and writing for academic purposes. The course culminates in writing a term paper using the skills acquired on the course. Students will be given term paper topics on science/environmental issues. At the end of the course students are expected to be able to read critically in academic contexts, work collaboratively in groups to develop, refine and negotiate ideas, develop team work skills and use basic research and internet skills to write in academic contexts.

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